Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Sudden Charlotte Hail Storm

Charlotte rainstorms are quite different from what we're used to in Michigan.  

Michigan thunderstorms are lovely things, usually coming at dusk with sudden spikes of impressive lightening and loud clashes of thunder that never fails to shake windows and scare small children and cats.  They come in the summer, not overly frequent, but usually impressive and longish lasting.

Here in Charlotte, they seem to slink towards us, either battered and beaten by the might of the mountains, or having already taken all their rage out on the wide open ocean.

They show up with thunder and darkness and sparks in the sky, rage for a few minutes to a half hour, and go away as quickly as they show up.

They're  also frequent visitors.  We have storms every couple of days, keeping the hot days from turning into hot nights, and keeping the Piedmont clay from getting too crispy.

So far, we enjoy the hail storms the best.  The boys love hanging off the patio trying to catch the hail.  Plus, it's fun catching ice on what was a formerly 80 degree day.

3 lovely people said:

EvoOrganic said...

The picture of them catching hail is adorable! I've never tried to catch hail, I'm usually in a room with a worried look on my face when we have hail!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

They sound like Alberta rainstorms. Coming along with such fierceness.

You has asked about photo sharing? I use Picassa for the blog, it's the fastest. I no longer use Flickr, too many people stealing images off of the net for me.

You look very familiar, funny how that happens.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Summer said...

lol, Evo - we're pretty safe on the patio as long as the wind isn't too strong. Plus, not owning a house helps a good deal with the not worrying;)

Thanks Jen:) A lot of people tell me I look familiar, and inexplicably call me "Heather", so you're not alone lol.

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