Sunday, June 5, 2011

Common Miracles - The View From Where I Sit

The Common Miracles Project was started by Chel over at GingerBlue earlier this year.  Out of her research on human happiness, well-being, etc., she found that:

the one piece of advice I have found *across the board*, shared by everyone from religious experts to philosophers to psychologists to historians to self-help gurus is this: FEEL GRATITUDE

So, I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon. The move and leaving behind so many things that are so important to me razes me to my emotion ditch more often than I care to admit, so hopefully this sort of thing can help me keep me "bloom where you're planted" mantra in focus.

Lights in the Darkness

I'm not afraid of the dark.  But I do appreciate the different view of common things provided by odd light and shadow.  And, of course, my life as a chronic insomniac would be so much less productive and interesting were it not for lights in the darkness.

Roses, ivy, aloe, lavender, etc. on my patio, brightened by a streetlight.

Tea and Honey

There are songs and poems about it; romantic movie lines you wish you had thought of.  All for good reason - there is nothing quite so soothing in life as a cup of tea with honey.

I grow and mix much of my own tea, too; part of the process of calming oneself down from a really stressful day.  This particular cup has jasmine, mint, and alfalfa with a tad bit of honey from a beekeeper who sells at that Davidson Farmer's Market.  The tea ball is from my sweet mother-in-law, Anne.

Alela Diane's To Be Still

I love this mellow folk rock album.   It's beautiful and wispy and the imagery often describes places I want to be.  Or makes me homesick.  I originally bought the album when I was looking for new music on Amie Street, which was criminally sucked up by Amazon MP3.  If you like girly voices and folk music and mellow song stylings, you should check it out.

While sitting on your patio, looking at roses, drinking tea with honey.  Or at least, that's what I'm doing!

2 lovely people said:

Chel said...

Thank you so much for joining- I LOVE your list.

You grow your own tea?! That's MARVELOUS! I have looked into that a tiny bit, but we have some funky things that work their way into our garden (lizards, strange plants I don't know the origin of, funky mushrooms- and almost ALL our plants are inside a screened in lanai!)

Your post made me feel very blissful- thank you- I need to spend more time drinking my tea outside in the garden.

(I LOVE your blog-I am going to try and devour the archives today!)

Summer said...

Hi Chel! Thank you so much for stopping by:) I'm glad you liked my first entry.

The great thing about growing herbs for tea is that they're basically a weed. Stick them in the ground and step back - you'll have success! They're so much easier to grow than vegetables, I promise! Maybe I'll do a post about that soon:)

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