Sunday, September 5, 2010

Savory Success

Today I made lots of yummy treats that didn't scorched or turn out in any way icky.
  • Apple Butter Muffins (Didn't puff up, and added lots of chopped apples, but still yummy.)
  • Basil Pesto (I took photos of my adorable sons helping me out, but since I can't find the cable, you'll just have to wait.;))
  • Tomato Sauce (tomatoes, olive oil, sugar, salt, oregano, and don't forget to add a potato to a) take out the acid, b) sweeten up the sauce, and c) help it thicken better.)
Then I dropped off the boys at their Grandma's, went out to eat, and wasted the rested of the night painting my nails and watching Clash of the Titans.  Another pot of sauce is on the stove, so off I go to do my toes.  Maybe by tomorrow I'll find my cable or card reader and wow you with the adorableness that is Torin and Quinn;)

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