Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mission: Pine Nuts Accomplished!

Secured some pine nuts, finally!  My lovely friend and coworker Linda found them at Sam's Club for $15 a pound - a far fairer price than the $8/oz prices I've been seeing at Meijer.

I also scored a $5 bushel of tomatoes, a $5 bushel of apples, and 2 pecks of peaches for $2 (all seconds, of course) from the Versluis Orchards stand on Lake Michigan Drive.  Man do I love them:)  Guess what I'm doing this long holiday weekend?

Apple butter is already cooking away in the crock pot (as pictured).  (Want the recipe?  Find my favorite one here.)  Peach crepes for breakfast tomorrow, and then on to cook and can peach-apple butter, tomato soup, salsa, apple sauce, and pesto.  Might find some time to make a few pies or muffins or scones, too:D

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