Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Sunshiney Day!

I got home from work, turned the faucet on to get a drink of water, only to look up and notice a strange, rarely-seen phenomena.


Sunshine!!!!!  ( Seen here through the Mullberry tree row between my yard and a neighbor's.)  I, of course, immediately grabbed my camera and ran outside to record the moment.  Did I mention sunshine?  In February?  It was a moment to revel in!

It was also above freezing, so I got to check out some plants that had until recently been completely snow covered.  Like this branch of my sage bush.

And this lemon balm bush.  (Which, when mixed with chamomile flowers, makes my absolute favorite summertime tea.)

The sky was an amazing azure blue barely marred by only a few clouds, seen here through the lovely (though problematic) walnut trees.  I didn't edit this photo at all except to crop it.  The sky really was that exact color!

I also took the opportunity to take my boys out for some fun in the sun.  We raced around a local church parking lot with our two Traxxas RC cars, the Slash and the Stampede.  We even invited out our favorite neighbors, Ela and Kristian.  For the first time in months, they didn't need snowpants!

It's supposed to be more or less sunny for the rest of the weekend, but we'll see.  I hope so!  The cars aren't the only things that need to recharge their batteries;)  And, I'm in desperate need of a tan.

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