Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Played in the Dirt Today

Look what I got in the mail yesterday!

I can pull of this many experiments because at the place I order from, the small packs are 35 cents, and the big ones $1.  Cool, eh?  I'm so excited.  There are 48 varieties of plants here, from herbs to flowers to veggies, ranging from incredibly common to exceptionally unusual.

Such power in such small packages.  These are Immortelles seeds.  Aren't they cool and funky looking?

Here is what I did today.

This is only a small fraction of seeds to be planted, but not all are suitable or in need of being started early.  Some are soaking on paper towel  on styrofoam trays inside plastic bags to germinate, and others are already in soil.  Some will take at least  month to germinate, others days.  A green clock counting down the days until spring.  :D

In case you were wondering, in these pots are:

Basil (Genovese)
Basil (Lettuce Leaf)
Chinese Wolfberry (Goji)
Fuller Teasel
Immortelle (Everlasting)
Lemon Grass
Pumpkins (Jack O Lantern)
Pumpkins (Lumina)
Yarrow (Pink, White, and Yellow)

6 lovely people said:

Artisan Clay said...

Yeah!!! :-)

Summer said...

:D I'm so psyched for this growing season! This is only my 4th summer in this yard, but things are starting to fill in. I think I'm going to have massive color explosions and lush plants; my work from three years ago is finally starting to pay off!

Sara said...

Where did you order the seeds from?

Summer said...

Betsy said...

Hi Summer, Your post reminds me of the optimism of youth. Good luck with all of those seedlings:) I can't wait to see how your gogi berries do. I started some last year, but let most of them dry out in their small pots. The few survivors are planted in the garden finally, but whether they are still alive is yet to be seen. It will be fun to follow your reports...

Summer said...

Hi Betsy! Nice to see you here;) It might seem like optimism, but it's really pragmatism, lol. Between the job and boys and other hobbies, I have to start a dozen seedlings to make sure one survives:D

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